About us

Classic Loans is a loan marketplace where the user with just one request can choose the best loan in the market and hire it 100% online. At Classic Loans we use our own algorithms and machine learning to analyze the data of each client and connect them with the financial entities that best suit their profile. In this way, we not only advise clients but also help banks to find the best client and reduce their costs and risks.

A strong global track record

In the Nordic countries, we have been helping to connect consumers with the best credit providers for more than 15 years. We have managed to send one million clients to more than 20 well established banks and lenders in the region, such as Santander, SEB and Swedbank.

In South America, we launched FinanZero in 2016. Here, we partner with more than 25 established credit partners such as Banco Pan, BV, Safra, Banco Maxima, Banco CBSS, and Banco IBI. Having processed more than 600,000 loan applications, we are now the market leader in Brazil, allowing our clients to get the best personal loan and start fulfilling their dreams. In 2018 we launched Lendela for the Southeast Asian market.

Want to join our team?

We are currently expanding our team and we are looking for:

Lead Developer

Commercial Agent / Financial Advisor

Freelance seo specialist part-time Bercelona

Email campaign manager part-time

If you can't find a position that fits you, send us an email to rrhh@classicgardensinc.com with your resume. We will contact you when we seek a position similar to your profile.