Confused Where to Stay? Check First Tips for Submitting Apartment Ownership Loans

Having a dream home with your beloved family is everyone’s dream. Buying an apartment using an Apartment Ownership Loan is the solution. Here are tips for applying for an apartment loan!

Who Can Apply for Apartment Ownership Loans

Who Can Apply for Apartment Ownership Loans

In this millennial era various types of dwellings have mushroomed everywhere from homes, shop houses, flat towers, rented houses and most recently apartments.

Apartment as a residence does not mean that it is always inhabited by people who are rich and prestigious. Today many students live in apartments, especially private / state employees and a family.

You can adjust which apartment you will make occupancy based on your needs and abilities, even though the price of an apartment is not as cheap as a rented house or boarding house. The existence of a banking program, namely Apartment Ownership Credit (KPA) can help everyone to buy an apartment.

Programs like this were previously familiar, but only those proposed in the previous program were houses or housing loans (KPR). Similar to KPR submissions, KPA also has conditions that must be completed so that the KPA submission is approved by the Bank.

The requirements provided by the bank consist of two categories, namely requirements for employees or employees and requirements for professionals or entrepreneurs. Everyone can submit a purchase and live in a dream apartment if they can fulfill the requirements requested from this program.

Tips for Submitting Apartment Ownership Loans

Tips for Submitting Apartment Ownership Loans

The price of land everywhere is very high, no wonder if the filing of Apartment Ownership Credit (KPA) is increasing.

But it turns out that the conditions given by the bank to apply for KPA cannot be considered trivial, with these strict conditions many people fail to approve their KPA submissions by the bank concerned.

In addition to the requirements of the documents set by the bank, your conditions and financial capabilities also determine the success or failure of your KPA application.

You need to plan and manage your finances carefully for the smoothness of the KPA that you will submit, you can read the ebook below for free to help condition your finances.

It is important for you to prepare and understand all the requirements that must be followed so that your KPA submission is not rejected.

For those of you who want to apply for KPA, some of the suggestions below can help you to finalize the preparation of KPA submissions to the bank. Check out the following tips:

# 1 Careful for your Credit History

If you have previously used the credit system with banks, look again at your previous credit history, because your credit history is one of the main considerations of the bank in approving your KPA application.

Your credit history will be recorded in the Debtor Information System (SID) issued by Bank Indonesia. If your credit history has a problem, it’s likely that your KPA submission will be rejected.

# 2 Complete the Required Documents

Many documents must be prepared by KPA applicants. Generally the requested documents such as KTP, marriage book, KK, salary slip, SIUP, checking account, NPWP and much more depend on your work.

In preparing this document which is already very common and everyone should have it, there are still many KPA applicants who feel confused and burdened when completing it. Even though by completing all the requested documents, it is a step further to bring you closer to your dream home and family.

# 3 Financial Report

Financial ability is also the determinant of whether or not your KPA application is approved even if not all banks request it. How are you able to apply for KPA if your financial condition is not stable?

Therefore your financial record that can be seen with your current account will be one of the supporters of the smoothness of your KPA submission process. Usually the bank will ask you to attach a photocopy of your account for the past 3 months.

# 4 Perform Pay Capability Simulation

If your KPA submission is approved it means that the amount of your debt will increase in large amounts. Before taking large amounts of debt such as buying a good apartment, you pay attention to your financial stability.

Do a simulation of your ability to pay debts by paying off all your previous debts regularly and smoothly according to the deadline.

# 5 Down Payment

The bank and the developer will ask for an advance for submitting your KPA if approved in a sufficiently large amount, usually in the range of 15-30 percent. In addition to the down payment usually there will be administrative money that must be paid. So, prepare your money as much as the nominal requested by the bank and the developer .

# 6 Submit a KPA Credit at your bank

Many banks provide Apartment Ownership Credit (KPA) programs. Be wise in choosing which bank you will make the foundation for owning the residence. Although actually applying for a KPA in a bank is okay, but submitting a KPA to the bank that you have been using will make it easier for you to submit a KP.

Because the bank has recognized you in the form of data and your financial status has been recorded in the bank system. If your finances are stable, the easier it is for KPA to trust you to use KPA services at the bank.

# 7 Don’t Submit KPA in Many Different Banks

Submitting KPA means submitting a large debt to the bank. Submitting KPA in many banks will make it difficult for banks to verify your data readiness because the bank must check your credit history in the debtor information system (SID).

You can apply for KPA in a maximum of 2 banks at the same time, if both are rejected, then you can reapply at another bank.

Turn off the Preparation for Submission of KPA and Have Your Ideal Occupancy

Turn off the Preparation for Submission of KPA and Have Your Ideal Occupancy

With the many facilities of banking having an apartment as your residence is not impossible. Applying for KPA requires preparation that is truly mature, especially in terms of finance.

Don’t dare take risks by applying for KPA even though your readiness is not yet mature. Be careful and understand everything that is needed so that your KPA submission process is easily and quickly approved by the bank.

If all the requirements are complete and you can go through the process, your dream apartment will soon be yours. Do you want to start credit but are confused in financial planning going forward? You can use the Ilya of Murom Application help to plan, budget and manage your finances.