Is It Possible For An Employee With A Rp.4 Million Salary To Take S7 Edge Loans?

Is it possible for an employee with a salary of IDR 4 million to take S7 Edge credit? Want to have a new mobile that is sophisticated but having a limited salary is not impossible. Let’s discuss how to get a Samsung S7 Edge phone with a salary of IDR 4 million per month.

Don’t Want to Miss Age


Almost every year the brands of sophisticated cellphones issue the latest edition. If you don’t follow this trend you might feel outdated. Therefore the desire to buy the latest cellphones must be fulfilled immediately. This desire is not limited to the upper middle class but also to the lower middle class.

At present a sophisticated Samsung S7 Edge mobile phone is quite expensive at around Rp. 10 million. If you have a reasonable salary, if you are confused, how can you buy a cellphone at a very expensive price. You are always faced with the choice to buy it in cash or in installments. This time Philip Marlowe will discuss the purchase of cellphones using the credit system.

Choosing the Right Store and Credit Card

Choosing the Right Store and Credit Card

There are many shops that sell S7 Edge phones. Ranging from physical stores to virtual stores such as online shops. The choice of credit can also vary depending on the shop facility you choose. Here are a few things you should consider in choosing the right store and credit card to buy the desired sophisticated cellphone:

# 1 Consider Security

No need to be grandiose, you must know and have searched for cellphones from various sellers. Ranging from authorized stores to certain sellers who cannot be guaranteed the authenticity of the goods. Each store usually has its own advantages and disadvantages. The price of the same cell phone can differ significantly from one store to another.

For example, if you want to buy an S7 Edge phone at Samsung authorized outlets, it might be more expensive than buying it at an unauthorized online store. But no one knows what the difference between the items sold at authorized outlets and not. Everyone has their own priorities in choosing where to buy a cellphone. Usually someone who has limited finance will look for the cheapest price. While people who are capable of middle to upper finance might prioritize security over prices.

It doesn’t matter if you are willing to take the risks of buying a cellphone at an unauthorized store. It’s just that if you want to buy using a credit system, you have to find a store that has a large enough scale. Usually small sellers or individuals do not provide installment facilities with credit cards.

Even if there is a store whose credibility is not guaranteed to offer credit card installments, there is no guarantee that there is a guarantee of security in the transaction. Do not let you become a victim of credit card abuse. For this reason, be careful when choosing the seller of the cellphone. Price is a consideration that must be considered, but in addition to price, security must also be prioritized.

# 2 Choose a Credit Card that Provides a 0% Installment Facility

Every term ‘installments’ must always be followed by interest. But don’t panic first, there are several banks that offer credit cards with 0% installment services for certain loans. Usually certain stores have cooperation with banks to provide 0% installment facilities for their customers. You can use this facility to reduce the cost of purchasing with a credit system.

It’s just that 0% installments do not mean there are no fees that you have to pay. Usually when you do an initial transaction you will be charged a credit card charge of 2% or 3% depending on the credit card related policy. Don’t be angry if you have to pay the fee. Banks certainly want to get a profit, if there is no fee paid, of course the bank will have to lose having to bear your purchase without getting cash benefits.

You can choose various time periods to pay off the installments. If you get a credit card promo with 0% installments, you can use the longest installment period. Usually for items such as gadgets, the longest installment is 1 year or 12 months. It doesn’t matter if you take the longest period of time because the initial transaction costs paid will remain the same. While the installments paid every month are not subject to interest so that whatever time period you choose will not make the installments more expensive. With a longer installment period, you can more freely pay installments every month because the value will definitely be lower.

# 3 Orderly Paying Credit Card Bills

When you decide to buy an item with a credit system, you must commit to paying the bills in an orderly manner every month. Don’t pay too late if you don’t want to be fined. That way the costs you have to pay will not increase as much as you should.

Price Is Not Everything

Price Is Not Everything

Limited salary does not prevent you from buying an expensive item. You can use the credit facility to buy the desired Samsung S7 Edge phone. But make sure you choose the right seller and credit card. In addition, you must commit to paying installments that have been determined each month to buy a cellphone or any item. Do not let purchases using credit cards make you in debt and damage your financial condition.

When you use installments, what ways do you make so that the payments you pay are orderly and orderly? Give your suggestions and opinions in the column below, so that other readers get more information, thank you.